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3 Ways You Can Permanently Damage Your Lips with Lip Fillers

Laurelle Adjani

Posted on July 08 2019

Damage from Lip Injections

       I’ve gotten lip fillers for over 15 years. I started in 2004 with collagen right before Juvéderm and Restylane were developed. Collagen injections last 2-4 weeks. In order to get that beautiful pout, you have to get it done every month. I had it done a few times.

       When Juvéderm came out, I was first in line! It is hyaluronic acid, which is the fluid between cells. It’s considered benign and it is supposed to last up to 9 months. I soon became obsessed with having a full pout. Restylane came out a year or two later and was the preferred injectable for the lips, surpassing Juvéderm. For approximately 8 years, I went in to get Restylane injections every two months. I didn’t want to lose that pouty, plumpness that injections gave my mouth.

       Realistically, Restylane lasts about 6 months. Your doctor or nurse might tell you 9-12 months, but that never happened for me. I lost my plump, pout, suppleness between 2-3 months. By the time I got to the 6th month, it all gone.

Side Effects of Restylane

       Needle Marks

       What no one tells you is that you will develop ‘needle marks’ anywhere the doctor injects. My lips have small crevasses that run along the inside of my lips, especially “under” my lips. It’s more noticeable when I smile because when I smile, I reveal more lip than hide my lips. The only thing that will fill in the bumpiness is more injections. The entire texture of my lips has changed.

       I’ve seen a few celebrities who are afflicted with the same thing. I believe they are all Restylane junkies like myself. Jefferee Star is an example of too much Restylane. I’ve noticed the small crevasses on Camille Grammer too. Look closely and you’ll see the needle marks.

       Loss of Sensation

        Another drawback is that it kills nerve endings in your mouth. I literally can’t feel a good kiss anymore. In my early 20s, I use to love kissing. Now I can’t remember what felt so good about it because there is a serious lack of sensation.

       Scar Tissue

       Seemingly contradictory, is scar tissue. I have massive amounts of scar tissue built up. This means that every time I go in for a lip injection it gets more and more painful. So painful that I had to stop getting injections because I couldn’t deal with the pain. 

I still recommend Restylane injections for anyone who would like a bigger pout, but I recommend you wait at least 6 months for the Restylane to leave your system. I believe I really over did it and was a Restylane junkie!

Will I still get injections? The last time was in December 2018. It’s June now and there isn’t any more Restylane in my lips. I haven’t made plans to get more injections. I am finally okay with my natural lips. I don’t have the fullest mouth, but I have some lips to work with and I am happy with that – for now. (But ask me around Christmas time what I want for Christmas and it just might be some injections!)



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