5 Ways Dry Shampoo Will Change Your Life

Dry Shampoos


  1. Add Volume

  2. Take away oil

  3. Hold in place a wide cloth head band. Dry shampoos add a bit of stick, so they will hold down anything cloth that you decide to wrap your hair around. Forget about the bobby pins! Just dry shampoo, wrap your hair in a turban, hijab or wide cloth headband and allow it to stick in place!

  4. If you have dark hair, some will cover foundation or grey in your hair. Our favorite is Not Your Mother's Tinted for Medium/Dark Hair (link is for medium hair). It is the darkest we've found, but we can't find it anymore. Has it been discontinued? The next best is Batiste in Divine Dark. 

  5. Make your hair curly. Get into the shower and just wash your body. Your hair should be slightly damp. Spray your dry shampoo and shake your head around. Tie into a loose bun. Allow to dry. Out comes some nice soft waves.

5 ways dry shampoos work

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