Best Primers for Each Skin Type. A SmashBox Review.

Smash Box Primer Review

SmashBox Primers Review


Not all skin is made the same, so each skin type has different needs. Primers are a must for a smooth foundation that lasts all day. We have been in love with Smash Box Primers for a long time now. We’ve used them all on different skin types and want to share our results. We only reviewed four Smash Box’s Primers: The Original: Photo Finish Smooth and Blur, Super Light Smooth, and Pore Minimizer, Reduce Redness.


These are on the pricey side starting at $36 USD.



The Original: Photo Finish Smooth and Blur


Good for Dry or Combination Skin


This was the first Smash Box primer that I bought and I was blown away. It got me hooked, while I spread the message to friends and family (now you too!). This primer does everything from smoothing fine lines and minimizing pores (it really does!). Bonus, it makes applying your foundation glide on evenly and stay on longer. It’s so popular it also comes in two sizes. Use with a silicone based foundation.



Super Light Smooth and Blur


Good for any skin type

This primer is the oil free version of The Original Photo Finish Smooth and Blur. This primer even works without foundation. It does smooth and blur the skin, while adding hydration yet not overly saturating the skin with moisture. It’s also vegan and cruelty free. Since it’s oil free, yet hydrating we recommend it for all skin types who prefer light weight makeup.


Pore Minimizer


Best for Oily and/or Acne Prone Skin

Smashbox's photo finish pore minimizing foundation primer is great on acne prone and oily skin. This primer is oil-free, which makes your skin feel great. It blurs a lot of the smaller pot marks from acne. It definitely on the drier side, so if you have dry skin try The Original Photo Finish Smooth and Blur


Reduce Redness  

If you have acne, inflammation or any redness in your face, then SmashBox’s Photo Finish Reduce Redness will do the job. It’s on the drier side, so it’s good for oily or combination skin. It helped our foundation stay on longer and even with a lighter foundation and BB cream, we couldn’t see any redness peeking out.


What do you think? Have you tried any of these primers? What's your favorite primer? 



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