DIY Face Paint

how to make face paint with eyeshadow

In case you didn’t watch our mini tutorial on how to create face paint, diy style, we have recapped it here.

All you need to make a face paint is crushed eyeshadow and foundation. A light foundation will work better even if you have dark skin, since there are more pigments in a darker foundation which can distort the color.

In our first trial, we used a Dermablend foundation and even though we were able to make it work, it didn’t have the slip we wanted.

Then we tried a water based foundation, which we found was easier to blend. Try L’Oreal’s drugstore brand True Match.

  1. Depot the eyeshadow
  2. Crush up any little pieces
  3. Add two squirts of foundation (start with less and add more if you need)
  4. Mix together
  5. Apply to the face like you would a foundation

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