Don’t Exfoliate Your Skin Until You Read This

Skin and Exfoliation

Benefits of Exfoliation

                Exfoliation brightens the skin, reduces inflammation and acne, increases the cell turn over rate, eliminates dead skin that causes debris and blackheads, plus gives the skin a healthy glow.

Mechanical Exfoliation 

  1. Wash Cloth

You can just take your average wash cloth, though microfiber wash cloths and silk washcloths are softer and gentler for the skin. This is the most basic of all exfoliating tips. I usually do this in the shower before I cleanse. Just take your wash cloth with a little cleanser on it and gently massage your face. Use upward motions. After I do this, I go in and cleanse my face with my fingers. This way I’m removing all the makeup at least twice, which is what it normally takes to remove makeup! This is my favorite method because it can be used daily!


For a silk washcloth, we love Tatcha’s silk washcloth for $18


Huda Beauty released a microfiber washcloth from Wishful. Microfiber is recommended as the best for removing makeup. Plus they hold up against the washing machine better than the Tatcha one I own. You get 4 for $15


  1. Shaving

This is my second favorite way to exfoliate. Mainly because I have dark hair and need to remove it daily. I’ve always had dark facial hair, so removing it with a razor does NOT make more grow back heavier. They feel more coarse because they are cut at an angle and grow back at an angle. Think about your husband’s beard. In the evening, it feels stubbly, but if he grows out a beard it’s a lot softer. The same goes for female facial hair.

Have you ever wondered why men tend to age better than women? Exfoliating your face everyday with a razor definitely helps!

I use a regular Venus Razor with a comfort glide around the blades.

  1. Granular

This is my least favorite exfoliation technique. This type of exfoliation is much too harsh for your face. It’s never recommended that you use sugar, salt, baking soda or nuts on your face. They can create microtears in the skin. Since there are many other exfoliation methods, we do not recommend this one.

Chemical Exfoliation

AHA, Alpha-hydroxy acids

Types :

Glycolic acids, lactic acid, malic acid and mandelic acids.

Our favorite is YSL’s Top Secret Sorbitol Exfoliator. It’s made from sorbitol and glycerin and even though it does have ‘sugar’ in it, it’s smooth and silky on the skin. This is a type of sugar that is called a glycolic acid. Sorbitol is an AHA and a humectant, which helps your skin retain moisture. This product by YSL instantly brightens and rejuvenates my skin. It also helped my daughter’s acne.


BHA, Beta-Hydroxy Acid


Salicylic Acids

Willow Tree Extract

Salicylic Acids are the best for people with acne. Since it is oil soluble, it penetrates deep into the skin, releasing the oil. This clears up oil that is stuck in the pores, thus preventing acne and blackheads.  


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