Easy Way To Calm Scalp Psoriasis and Dandruff

Rinsing Hair with Tea

Not only am I a huge fan of drinking tea, I am now a tea rinse convert. Since I’ve been making a black tea rinse for my hair, my scalp psoriasis has stopped itching me to death! But, there are so many more benefits.

Tea or coffee rinses reduce inflammation, increases strength, and helps hair loss. It’s the polyphenols in tea that reduce scalp inflammation, including helping calm scalp psoriasis. Tea will also help protect the hair from UVB/UVA rays from the sun.

I make a tea rinse by just brewing a cup of tea, straining the leaves and rubbing it into my hair and scalp. I do this step after I shampoo and condition. Putting the tea into a spray bottle really helps easy distribution. I allow it to sit for about 2-5 minutes and rinse, but I’ve read that you can leave it in your hair for up to 20 minutes. My hair always looks bouncy and reduces the times I have to wash my hair per week since it reduces greasy build up.

Be warned that black tea and coffee rinses can darken your hair a little, but this is temporary. If you are a blonde use chamomile tea to brighten your hair. Red heads can use rooibos or hibiscus.


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