Four Reason to Get a Free Red Lipstick

Four Reason to Get a Free Red Lipstick
Here are my top reasons for wearing red:
Subconsciously Red….
1. Red boosts your self confidence.
2. Red makes you feel powerful and in control.
3. Red motivates us to take action and actions lead to success!
4. Red sends the message to the public that you are assertive and poised.
Right now you can get a FREE Lioness Beauty lipstick when you buy two lipsticks or lip glosses. Just add any lipstick or lip gloss to your cart. Then find your perfect red. We have two. A matte red called ‘Power’ and a metallic red called ‘Majestic.’
When you get to the check out page put in the discount code ‘FreeRed’ and voila! You get a free red lipstick.

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