Get Rid of Your Cellulite Using These Techniques!

Get Rid of Your Cellulite Using These Techniques!

Cellulite, we all have it, well most of us have it. A recent study found that 9 out of 10 women have cellulite. Anyone can get cellulite. It doesn’t matter how skinny or heavy you are. Cellulite doesn’t care if you have children or no children. Cellulite doesn’t care what the color of your skin is. BUT cellulite does care that you are woman. Because men rarely get cellulite.

                Cellulite happens under the skin. Your fat cell gets larger, so if you’ve ever gained weight and then lost it thinking the cellulite would go away-wrong. This tends to happen when a woman gains baby weight. Those fat cells don’t reduce in size. Another way cellulite happens is thinner skin. This can happen naturally over time and especially if you are a sun worshipper.

The third cause are the collagen fibers underneath your skin. They start to elongate, getting thicker. This causes tension, which causes the dimpling affect.

Creams really won’t help cellulite because cellulite is happening beneath the epidermis and dermis. So, what can we do for cellulite? Read on, ladies!

For in-office treatments, Lasers that specifically target fibrous bands can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulaze is a treatment approved by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. It makes tiny incisions into your skin that heats the area up. All you need is one treatment to see the results.

Radio Frequency is another in-office treatment to reduce cellulite and sagging skin. It’s especially helpful in the stomach area where many women experience extra skin after giving birth. It stimulates collagen production, reduces cellulite, and tightens and firms the skin. I’ve had friends do this procedure and it does tighten the stomach area. It clears up cellulite for about a year.

Another in-office treatment is Cellfina. It’s been proven to last the longest. The results last around 3 years. It makes tiny incisions into the skin breaking up the fascia and fibers that cause cellulite.

Liposuction is another method, which is the most invasive. It’s not an easy in-office treatment for cellulite and fat reduction. The fat cells are removed and since fat cells will expand due to weight gain never go back to their normal pre-weight gain size, this is a method that will just remove them completely. You’ll have less fat cell to fill up with fat.

At home treatments include, fascia devices that break up the fascia connective tissue. The Fascia Blaster is a massage tool invented by Ashley Black. It helps by breaking up the fascia underneath the skin. In a recent study by health line, it was found that women saw visible improvement to the firmness of their skin and reduced cellulite. Shop it here for $139


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