Improve Your Mood with These Simple Techniques

Improve Your Mood with These Simple Techniques

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Mood

  1. Wear makeup. Yes, that’s right. This is literally my top way I can cheer myself up. When you look good, you feel good.
  2. Call a good friend. If you don’t have one, give me a call and I’ll listen. I’ve been told I’m a good listener and I love making new friends.
  3. Smiling will actually increase our happy hormones.
  4. Remember your favorite memory. It could have been winning that volleyball tournament or the day you got married (naturally, if you’re divorced that’s not a good one), but my point is reach far back into your accomplishments and happy memories and spend a few minutes thinking about them.
  5. You are your biggest fan. No one else will cheer you on like yourself. So, practice at being your own cheerleader. When a negative thought comes into your head, close your eyes and imagine a stream. Put that negative thought in the stream and watch it wash away. Then replace it with your happiest accomplishment or memory.
  6. I’m sure you’ve heard of the runners high? It’s an actually feeling that happens in the body when we break a sweat. Running is an especially good way to release endorphins, the chemical responsible for giving us a sense of euphoria.
  7. If you play an instrument, just playing for 15 minutes can make you feel confident and calm. If you don’t play an instrument, play your favorite song. Maybe a song that reminds you of the moment you fell in love.
  8. Sit up straight, roll your shoulders back and stretch your neck. I like this one because I work in an office and sitting is part of my day. If I catch my shoulders slumping, I just push them back, roll my shoulders back to arch my back even further and move your head back (breath in) and down (breath out). Nodding has actually been scientifically proven to improve your mood.
  9. Fragrances can enhance your mood. If you have an essential oil that you love, just open the cap and inhale. Your favorite perfume will also do the trick. The expression, “Stop to smell the roses,” might be more than just poetry.
  10. Take a nature walk. Being around trees, flowers and animals can put us in a calmer, happier mood.

What are some things you do the cheer yourself up? 


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