Keep Your Lips Hydrated This Winter

Keep Your Lips Hydrated This Winter

Easy DIY Roller Ball Lip Oil


2 Parts Jojoba Oil

1 Part Cold-Pressed Grape Seed Oil

1 Part Avocado Oil

1/2 Part Hydrogenated Polyisobutene

1 roller ball


Jojoba oil penetrates the skin, hydrating deep within the epithelial tissue. It helps speed up the recovery processes of skin due to chapping and sunburn.

Avocado oil contains oleic acid, which promotes collagen production. Helps chapped and dry skin repair faster.

Grapeseed oil that has been cold pressed means that hexane wasn’t used in the expelling process. Hexane has been linked to cancer, so be careful. We use grapeseed oil because it’s the cheapest oil in the bunch and is used as a filler oil. If you have more money, use more jojoba oil.

Without the hydrogenated polyisobutene the formula won’t stay on as long and you will end up using more and more of the roller ball. Hydrogenated polyisobutene is in most lip gloss formulas and is responsible for the glossy, dewy stickiness that we are used to in a lip gloss. It is a natural emollient made from petroleum, so if you’d rather skip the petroleum products then you can make this without the hydrogenated polyisobutene. I made two versions of this and the one with HB lasts longer on my lips, thus lasting longer in general. Without the HB I end up putting more and more of the lip oil on my lips.

Many different variations of this product.             

                Add dried rose buds

                Add essential oils or flavor

Combine all the ingredients in a roller ball. Shake and apply.



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