Makeup is Power

Makeup is Power

I always knew that makeup made me feel powerful and in control of my own life. I can easily see how I am treated while wearing makeup versus no makeup.

It's not just me. I remember Lilly at Aveda where we studied together telling me, "I feel in charge when I have on my makeup." I knew exactly how she felt. Both my mother and my grandmother taught me about makeup from a young age. My grandmother, who was a housewife to seven children always ran upstairs before my grandfather came home, changed her clothing and put on some lipstick. She would tell me this as a child. I was very fond of my mother's mother and took her advice seriously. She seemed more invested in my future than my my brothers future. She lived at a time where men would always land on their feet and women had to climb there way up an unfair ladder. Her advice was uniquely and yet similar to my own mother.

My mother taught me how to be independent and strong. She would tell me, "You're the strong one. You're the fearless one. Don't be afraid to find yourself before you find a man. And always wear your lipstick!" If I had a bad day, my mother would tell me to put on some makeup and conquer the day. There was no time for sulking when we had makeup on hand.

My first memories of makeup was doing Kathleen's makeup. She was the girl who lived up the street from me. We would practice on each other. Our under eye liner always ended up looking like a footballer, until the day we got really good. Practice makes perfect!

Main Point of this article: The New York Times agrees that wearing makeup does affect how people perceive you. Read the link below.

New York Times: Makeup Makes Women Appear More Competent Study




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