Snails: Escargot or Facial Treatment

Snails: Escargot or Facial Treatment

Snail Mucin


Korean skincare is famous for its wonderful results and advanced formulas. We are all interested in beautiful glowing skin. The focus of Korean skincare is all about having the best formula to bring the skin nourishing and hydrating results. Sometimes the ingredients can be interesting. For example, Bee venom, Starfish extract, and Salmon oil are all found in Korean skincare, but the weirdest one yet has been Snail Mucus (also known as Snail Mucin). 



What is Snail Mucin?



Snail Mucin is an external bodily mucus that is produced by snail slime. It has a watery gel consistency. The slime is used by snails to stick onto surfaces. Snail slime nourishes both human and snail skin. Snails excret this slime to defy gravity, when stressed or when excited. 



How is snail mucin collected?



In the past, snails used to be crushed to get the slime, but now there is a much more effective and humane way to collect the slime. Snails are put in a dark room on a mesh net and are allowed to slime around the net. Simone Sampo invented a machine that collects slime by spraying a chemical that makes them excited. The snail mucus will be collected and the snails will be put back on the farm. 



Does snail mucin benefit the skin?



Snail mucin is thought to have antibacterial, anti aging and hydrating properties. It’s hydrating properties trap moisture inside the skin, keeping the skin moisturized. Snail Mucin produces repairing agents that are good for collagen growth. The allantoin produced by Snails helps soothe irritation. Snail Mucin also contains zinc which is in lots of skin care due to helping the immune system and healing of wounds. 



Some of our favorite Snail Mucin Skin care products 



1. Mizon All-in-One Snail Repair Cream, $19

2. Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, $23


3. Super Aqua Snail Cream, $30



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