The Number One Beauty Secret Everyone Misses

The Number One Beauty Secret Everyone Misses

“Confidence Breeds Beauty”

Jason Moama    

There is nothing more beautiful than someone confident. Have you ever wondered why Justin Timberlake was able to bring sexy back? Why does Jason Momoa ooze sex appeal? If we dissected their features while looking at them individually, these men don’t have exceptional features. What they do have is an unwavering belief in themselves. They are confident and secure in who they are.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is a beautiful woman, but if you ever saw her teach the budding models in season 1 of Top Model, you’d know Tyra Banks has a lot of tips and tricks to getting a sexy photo. She tells us it’s all about the eyes and the difference between making them flat and having that twinkle in your eye. That’s confidence!

Barbara Stanwyck

Hollywood screen legend from the 1940s, Barbara Stanwyck, was born with a lazy eye, but through training her muscles, she could correct it while on screen. She wasn’t necessarily a beautiful woman, but she knew her good angles. This gave her confidence, which in turn, gave her a glamorous Hollywood screen star appeal.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is a confident celebrity whose star studded, wild outfits would look outlandish on most of us. But Nicki is so confident in herself and her fashion vision that she can pull off any wardrobe or makeup look with poise and an unshaken attitude.

     Makeup can sometimes be that bridge. It helps us to feel our best inside, so we radiant confidence from the outside. If all the world is really a stage, then we can act beautiful. This translates into other people perceiving us as beautiful.  

     There are a few tricks to being confident. Walking straight, making eye contact and a neat appearance all help. But confidence is something else altogether. It’s the humility to admit mistakes, it’s about having a sense of humor and making other people feel good. Listening to other people and never interrupting someone can make the difference between appearing confidently beautiful versus overbearing and overly excitable.

     Beauty is about confidence! And if makeup makes us feel more confident, then we have to wear it. It’s all about the feeling inside us. You must feel like you are already beautiful. You must hold the feeling that when you glide lipstick over your lips, you are transforming yourself magically into your best self. In fact, I like to think of it as “glamour magic.” Like a spell in a fantasy fairy tale where the ugly girl just gets a wardrobe makeover and viola! She’s transformed! Think Cinderella.

     Just look at Kylie Jenner. We saw her growing up, so we know she’s wasn’t a gorgeous teenager. Years later she suddenly emerged with new lips, a makeup line, AND loads of confidence. Her lips made her feel more confident and thus she projected confidence. Don’t worry if you don’t want to get lip injections or have the money for that. Start with your favorite shade of lipstick. That works too!




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