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Why Buying Makeup That Is Made in China, Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Laurelle Adjani

Posted on June 15 2019

Why Buying Makeup That Is Made in China, Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Crushed Colorful Talc

Not only do all cosmetics made and sold in China have to go through mandatory animal testing, but cosmetics made in China can be detrimental to your health, causing cancer and ultimately death.

Chinese manufacturers do not go through the same process as cosmetics do in the United States. The Chinese rely heavily on mandatory animal testing to pass their products off as “safe.” However, this does not ensure that makeup made in China is safe. Many harmful ingredients are allowed in Chinese products, ingredients that aren’t allowed in American, Canadian or European products.

One of the main ingredients that is often contaminated is talc. Talc grows naturally deep below the earth with other silicate minerals including asbestos. While in cosmetics, it prevents caking and absorbs oils. It has been around for hundreds of years, but was linked to several different types of cancers.  

Alone, talc is not a carcinogen, but because it grows next to a carcinogenic mineral, asbestos, it often gets labeled as carcinogenic. The United States complies with FDA and the Personal Care Products Council rules on mining for talc to ensure it is asbestos free. We have been asbestos free since 1976.  

In China, this is not the case. Over and over again cosmetics manufactured in China test positive for asbestos.  Rigorous asbestos testing should be performed, but they are not routinely administered.  The only mandatory test in China is animal testing.    

A recent example of cosmetics that came back positive for asbestos were two makeup kits sold by the retail chain, Claire’s. Two of their products, Jojo Siwa Cosmetic Kit and Beauty Plus Contour Kit, were recalled because they contained asbestos. All of the products were made in China.

At Lioness Beauty Cosmetics, we know you value your health and your money. All of our products are routinely inspected and brand new. We follow OSHA safety and sanitation procedures. All of our products are made in the United States in a highly reputable lab.

As the owner of Lioness Beauty, I do not desire a bougee lifestyle made up of diamonds and luxury yachts. Therefore, I do not have a need to price our products at outrageously. Yes, we turn a profit, but not at the expense of customers pocket books. We can all work together to create a fairer and more equal world. You will only find cruelty free products made from the best ingredients at the best price.

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