Why Do Certain Highlighter’s Make Me Look Older?

Micas and Glitter

Mica is a common ingredient in cosmetics. It acts as a natural highlighter and gives a metallic or iridescent sheen to lipsticks. It’s what causes the blurring effect in primers. Mica reflects light. Mica smooths out the skin. Most cosmetics have some kind of mica in it. It acts as a bulking agent and binder. It makes you look younger. All Lioness Beauty Lip Glosses and Metallic Liquid Lipsticks contain mica.

Glitter has a more pronounced sparkle. There’s no “hint of shimmer” like mica. Glitter pops out and scream, “Bling!” Glitter is made from Calcium Sodium Borosilicate a chemical compound. Calcium Sodium Borosilicate’s commercial name is Pyrex. There are several different compounds, such as Aluminum Sodium Borosilicate, but for the purpose of this article we have lumped all Borosilicates together.

I’ve tried a lot of highlighters on different women. Over 35 and want a highlight? Use one with mica. Using a cosmetic with a borosilicate may make you look older. Using one with mica has a higher probability of smoothing and blurring older skin, while adding some shimmer.

All Lioness Beauty products with sparkle, such as our Lip Glosses and Metallic Liquid Lipsticks and Metallic Liquid Highlighter are made with mica.


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