Cruelty Free. Made in the USA.

Metallic Lipsticks

Lioness Beauty has four metallic liquid lipsticks. These are high quality lipsticks, sold at an affordable price. 'Majestic' is our berry red with purple undertones. 'Lux' is a cool toned mauve. 'Unleashed' is a warm bronzed copper. 'Perpetual Love' is our Bermuda sands pink.

The shimmery, metallic look is from mica. Mica is a natural ingredient found in nature and classified as a mineral. It effortlessly reflect light, creating a shimmer to any colors it touches. 

Paraben and Gluten Free lipsticks. Cruelty free.

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Metallic Liquid Lipstick - Perpetual Love
Metallic Liquid Lipstick - Lux
Metallic Liquid Lipstick - Unleashed
Metallic Liquid Lipstick - Majestic