By: Laurelle Adjani 

Make up with its power to transform a person’s appearance and enhance feelings of confidence captivated me in my late teens. After high school and while attending college in the early 2000s,  I worked for Aveda and received certified training as an esthetician and masseuse.  As an esthetician I was expected to correctly select and apply makeup that matched customers’ requests. This was so much fun I became fascinated with how makeup enhances a woman’s natural features. After years of practice and training it became time for me to develop my own brand and place it on the market.

Motivated by the birth of my daughter, Adele, in 2006, and having to face the immediate and permanent abandonment from our lives by her father it became my mission to create an atmosphere where she was free to develop all of her strengths and become a strong, successful, and joyful woman. Part of that mission was to independently create my own business incorporating those things in my life that brought joy and creativity.

From that desire came several years researching cosmetic ingredients and their impact of women’s health and appearance. Lioness Beauty, LLC became the vehicle to start my cosmetic company. Lipstick and lip glosses became our first product offerings. American made high quality products became our standard. Reviews and focus groups have consistently praised lipstick colors, textures and durability.

The name Lioness Beauty came from my love of cats and the wild lioness’s representation as an independent yet solid pride mate, who leads when required, and goes to any length to protect young pride members.

As you may have guessed, in addition to my beautiful daughter, Adele, I have a remarkable white cat, Loki, who in his own way inspired me. I also, have an adorable little dog named Mindy.