Boss Babe Trio

Boss Babe Trio

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Every woman is her own boss babe. Be the boss of your own life! We’ve picked out three lip products we think embody the boss babe vibe.

Each of our liquid lipsticks stays in place. Apply it liquid and wait 3-5 minutes for it to dry. Do not press your lips together. This ensures that it won’t transfer.

Power – This is the ultimate matte red. We named it ‘Power’ because when a woman wears red lipstick she looks and feels powerful.

Binti – If you’re a boss babe, you’re probably always on the go. Swipe our jojoba drenched lip gloss over your lips anytime during the day. Made with aloe, sunflower oils and jojoba, it hydrates as well as gives a faint sparkle. Wear alone or as a topper to any of our liquid lipsticks.

Peppermint Lip Balm - Everyone needs a good lip balm. Use it day or night. Try it underneath our liquid lipstick for a more moist lipstick application. The peppermint flavor is subtle, so it won't overwhelm your lips. 


Buy all 3 for only $15! 

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