Pretty in Pink Trio

Pretty in Pink Trio

$20.00 $42.00

If you love pink, you’ll love our trio of pink lipsticks. Each of our liquid lipsticks stays in place. Apply it liquid and wait 3-5 minutes for it to dry. Do not press your lips together. This ensures that it won’t transfer.

Tawny – Depending on your skin coloring, this can be the perfect nude or the perfect pink. This suave, matte lipstick will elevate your lipstick game. It’s been compared to Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Pillow Talk.’ Dupe it!

Lioness – A dark pink that looks good on everyone, which is why it’s our signature color. This suave, matte lipstick looks good alone or with a wild eyeshadow look.

Lux – This is a metallic pink with pearls and mica for a soft shimmer. It’s comparable to a mauve, but with the extra shine.