Starry Night Trio

Starry Night Trio


For women who need that extra sparkle in their lives, we’ve got you covered. These shades are for women who love to stand out from the crowd.

Each of our liquid lipsticks stays in place. Apply it liquid and wait 3-5 minutes for it to dry. Do not press your lips together. This ensures that it won’t transfer.

Our lip gloss is made from jojoba, sunflower and aloe vera. A dash of mica makes a subtle sparkle. 

Majestic – A metallic red with extra pearls and mica for a dynamic red that you can wear day or night.

Perpetual Love – One of our best-selling lipsticks and we know why. It’s a mix of gold and silver pearls mica making it the perfect reflective color. It doesn’t look the same on everyone. That’s the secret sauce to this amazing shade.

Radiance – Our reddish, pink lip gloss has jojoba, sunflower and aloe to hydrate your lips in every season. It’s sparkles in the sunshine and dazzles under candlelight. Use it alone or as topper to any of our liquid lipsticks.

On sale now for $44 

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