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Lioness Beauty makes department store quality cosmetics with drug store prices. Our liquid lipsticks and lip glosses use high-end ingredients and the best formulations. Normal high end companies charge between $20-30 per lipstick. Our lipsticks are priced at $15 each for the same formulation.

Lioness Beauty has a different philosophy. We truly support a system that lifts up other women. Our products should make you feel beautiful, while allowing your pockets to widen. We both can live like royalty when beauty products are affordable. 

Liquid Lipsticks, Lip Glosses and Lip Care


Crowns and Tiaras

Every woman should feel like a queen at least once. This holiday season wear a crown. Be royal. Own your authentic self with these limited items. 

Featured in our premier commercial video, these crowns are limited for the holidays. 

We have three styles: Gold and Crimson, Sapphire and Silver, and a Golden Laurel Wreath for the truly victorious! 

Lip Gloss

Our all-natural lip glosses are made with the highest quality ingredients. Jojoba oil, sunflower oils and aloe vera make these lippies hydrating and comfortable to wear. $15 each. 

Lip Care

Lioness Beauty has three lip care products: Lip Pumice In-A-Stick, Hydrating Peppermint Plumping Lip Balm and a gentle makeup remover with Chamomile and Violet Leaf Extract.