Discover the Best Way to Wear Red Hair

Discover the Best Way to Wear Red Hair

Natural redheads can have cool, warm or neutral undertones. It’s important to understand what undertone you have if you are going to dye your hair red. Your hairstylist can help you with your own personal color analysis. Not all redheads are the same. There are strawberry, copper, auburn, burgundy and fire engine red. 

Warm-toned Redheads

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Warm-toned redheads typically have peachy, golden, or apricot undertones in their skin. When selecting clothing colors that complement warm-toned red hair and fair to medium skin with warm undertones, it's advisable to choose hues that enhance the warmth and harmonize with the overall tone. Here are some colors that often look flattering on warm-toned redheads:

Earthy Greens: Olive, moss, and other warm, muted greens can complement the warm tones in both the hair and skin.

Mustard Yellow: Warm yellows, especially mustard or ochre, can add a sunny and complementary touch to warm red hair.

Warm Browns: Chocolate brown, caramel, and other warm brown tones can harmonize with the warm undertones of the skin and hair.

Terracotta: This warm, earthy tone can complement the natural warmth in red hair and add richness to the overall look.

Warm Oranges: Subtle, warm oranges like peach or coral can enhance the warm undertones without overwhelming the overall appearance.

Rusty Reds: Redheads can wear red, and rusty, warm red tones can be particularly flattering, complementing the natural hair color.

Camel: This warm, neutral tone can be a versatile choice that complements both the hair and the warm undertones in the skin.

Golden Yellows: Shades of golden yellow can bring out the warmth in red hair and add a sunny, cheerful vibe.

Avoid colors that are too cool or have strong blue undertones, as they can clash with the warm tones in the hair and skin. Cool blues and icy tones, for example, may not be as harmonious. Additionally, grays that lean towards cool tones might not be as flattering as warmer neutrals. 

Cool-toned Redheads

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Cool-toned redheads typically have fair, rosy, or porcelain complexions with undertones that lean towards pink, blue, or purple. When choosing clothing colors that complement cool-toned red hair and fair skin, it's beneficial to opt for shades that harmonize with the cool undertones. Here are some colors that often look flattering on cool-toned redheads:

Cool Blues: True blues, navy, and icy blues can enhance the cool undertones in the skin and create a beautiful contrast with red hair.

Emerald Green: This jewel tone can complement cool red hair, and its rich hue adds vibrancy to the overall look.

Cool Greens: Mint green, teal, and other cool-toned greens can be a great choice, enhancing the cool undertones in both the hair and skin.

Purples: Lavender, periwinkle, and other cool-toned purples can complement the red hair and cool undertones of the skin.

Soft Pinks: Light, cool-toned pinks can provide a delicate and flattering contrast without clashing with the red hair.

Charcoal Gray: A neutral color like charcoal gray can be a sophisticated choice, offering a subdued backdrop that allows the hair color to stand out.

Burgundy: While redheads traditionally avoid reds, a deep, cool-toned burgundy can be an exception, adding depth without overwhelming the cool undertones.

Icy Whites and Silvers: These shades can complement cool-toned red hair and fair skin while creating a crisp and refreshing look.

Avoid overly warm or orange-based colors, as they can clash with the cool undertones of the skin and hair. Additionally, earthy tones like browns and yellows may not be as flattering, as they can dull the overall appearance.


Makeup to Enhance your Red Hair 

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Blush: Peachy and coral blushes can complement red hair beautifully, adding warmth to the complexion.
Soft rosy or berry tones can also work well, especially for those with cooler undertones.

Eye Shadow: Earthy tones like warm browns, terracotta, and copper can enhance red hair without being too overpowering.

Green shades, such as olive or forest green, can complement red hair and bring out the natural warmth.

Soft, neutral tones like taupe and champagne can create a subtle and elegant eye look.

Eyeliner: Brown, bronze and navy eyeliner can be a softer alternative to black, enhancing the eyes without appearing too harsh.
For a bolder look, deep green or plum eyeliners can complement red hair while adding a pop of color.

Mascara: Brown mascara is a classic choice for redheads, providing definition to the lashes without overpowering the overall look. Avoid black mascara.

Lipstick: Redheads can experiment with a range of lip colors, but generally, warm-toned shades tend to work well.

Peachy nudes, coral, warm pinks, and reds with warm undertones can enhance the natural beauty of red hair.

Highlighter: Champagne or warm gold highlighters can add a subtle glow to the high points of the face, enhancing the complexion.

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